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House Rules.. Driver Picks The Music

Version: Dean Winchester

Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole
30 May
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Chris Candido 1972-2005</i>

May you forever rest in peace, not only in heaven, but in our souls as well.

CM Punk is Straight Edge love.

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Ace Steel is love.

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Colt Cabana is “Classic” love.

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CM Punk is Straight Edge sex.

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Date Created:01-02-2003
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Mary-Kate is an all around pretty awesome chick. She is a loyal, trustworthy friend. Someone you can always count on. She's the current staff photograper for Ring of Honor wrestling.
Strengths: outgoing, caring, loyal, honest, loving and sympathtic
Weaknesses: Jewish men, sucker for a tragedy, putting others infront of her own needs, lack of confidence and self esteen.
Special Skills: photographer extrodinare, knows a lil html and graphic fun, fantastic shopper and best friend someone can have.
Weapons: camera, laptop, sidekick.. needs nothing else. :)
Favorites: movies: Star Wars, Superman, Batman, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Anything Michael Keaton, Drew Barrymore. tv: SUPERNATURAL, Days of Our Lives, Smallville

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