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stolen from everyone.. :)

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big ol' jet airliner...

carry me to my home ;-)

I'm leaving for the airport from LA in about 20 min for my red-eye flight home..

see ya'll when i get in..


DTA... sorta

well.. its coming to my attention i have some people who like to go and let others know about what I'm talking about in my LJ.. let's go over that again.. MY LJ!! whatever I wanna say.. and about who I want I can.. this is a country that believes in freedom of speech, right? well.. in that aspect.. from now on..I have to make my entries "friends" only.. I would have NEVER.. EVER thought I would have to do this.. but.. I guess I do.. hopefully it wont have to last too long., but we'll see..
if you're not on my friends list and you want to me.. email me and let me know..



something i learned while cleaning.. I have ALOT of shoes.. I mean.. ALOT.. I think for every Chris Jericho figure i have... I must have 2 pairs of shoes.. (just a note.. I have just about every Jericho fig made)

ok.. thought I would share

so yea..

ok.. today was odd to say the least.. did alot of cleaning.. organizing but didnt get it all done before mommie got home.. and she didnt kill me!! whooo hooo

chatted with "Tony" tonight.. and we had a really cool conversation.. like we used to have.. I feel alot better about things and glad we can be friends.. he really made me laugh.. something he hadnt done in a long time..

why do they keeping saying future man on this cartoon?!?!

anyways.. watched ROH Do or Die from may 03.. my mom likes Scott more and more everyday.. and so do i LOL..

>>>they keep saying FUTURE MAN!! ARGHHHHHHH<<<<<

ok.. so while i was cleaning.. I found the pics from the first 3pw show.. and that's where I first met P & S.. oh my gosh.. me and Kelly that night.. good times.. good times.. speaking of that phrase.. I wonder how Sherilyn is.. I havent talked to her since like august and havent even tried to get ahold of her since then.. hmm maybe I'll try to give her a call or something over the weekend. just to see what she's been up to...

Ray has been rewriting the words to a certain song.. he's got problems.. lol.. but then again.. dont we all?? LOL..


ARGH they did it again!!

alright.. back to this entry..just about everyone but me, Des and Jan are going to the World 1/CZW double header.. which is fine with me.. I have alot coming up in like the next 7 weeks.. which is like insane!!! I'm gonna get as much work in and get my ass in gear.. I really wanna travel again this summer.. and wanna do it myself.. ya know.. not by myself. i wanna have my kick ass friends with me.. :)

OH.. josy informed me of the Raven spreading his wisdom cruise going on.. I would prob jump off that boat.. lol.. let me tell you.. I do wanna get on the boat.. just NOT that one!! YEAAAAAHHH :)

OK.. the pro bowl is this weekend.. 6 Rams have been selected.. including my double main man MARC BULGER BABY!!
Bitch ass Mcnabb and Favre are injured.. whoooooooo (not Farve) so Marc def gets alot of playing time!! OH YEA Baby!! GO NFC!! :) although *someone* claims its not a real football game.. blah to him..

anyways.. I gotta finish cleaning.. and get to sleep.. got the sweet midday shify of 12-8 tomorrow.. whooo baby.. no open no close.. all is good..
this goes out to someone..I thought was different..

Of all the things I've believed in,
I just want to get it over with,
tears form behind my eyes,
but I do not cry,
counting the days that pass me by.

I've been searchin' deep down in my soul;
words that I'm hearin' are starting to get old,
it feels like I'm starting all over again,
The last three years were just pretend,
and I said...

Goodbye to you,
goodbye to everything I thought I knew,
You were the one I loved,
the one thing that I tried to hold onto.

I still get lost in your eyes,
and it seems that I can't live a day without you,
closing my eyes,
and you chase my thoughts away,
to a place where I am blinded by the light,
but it's not right.

Goodbye to you,
goodbye to everything I thought I knew,
You were the one I loved,
the one thing that I tried to hold on to.

Ooh whoa....
and it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time,
I want what's yours and I want what's mine,
I want you,
but I'm not giving in this time.

Goodbye to you,
goodbye to everything I thought I knew,
You were the one I loved,
the one thing that I tried to hold onto
Goodbye to you, (goodbye to you)
goodbye to everything I thought I knew, (goodbye to you)
You were the one I loved,
the one thing that I tried to hold onto,
(the one thing that i tried to hold onto)
the one thing that I tried to hold onto.
(the one thing that i tried to hold onto)

Oh, oh whoa, oh, oh (one thing that i tried to hold onto)
and when the stars fall I will lie awake,
you're my shooting star.

rain rain.. go away

ok.. its now 2:30.. my mom is gonna be home in about 5 and a half hours.. SO not good.. cause I slept till about 1pm today.. and I have to clean the whole apartment and pack stuff up for storage.. I have TOO much stuff.. lol anyways.. I really really really have to start it.. bt my main problem is.. especially with cleaning and all. I gotta be in like the mood for it.. but its like a now or never situation.. so if I'm not around for a few hours.. ya'll know why..lol...

stolen from Lysha ;-)

Your 80s Rock Anthem Is... by ~truesunn~
User Name
Your AnthemBad Medicine ~ Bon Jovi
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Which WWE Superstars Will You Have Copious Amounts of Sex With? by wishin_on_stars
Favorite WWE Brand
SuperstarChris Jericho
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best advice ever..

the best advice comes from a friend:

let it go

who gives a fuck

Goodbye to you???!?!

a week ago at this time.. I was with an awesome guy.. and was in a world of my own.. with population 2 :)

now.. this week.. more even.. today.. I talked to Shellie this afternoon and we start to go over Cali plans.. I cannot believe I'll be there in 2 weeks!! whoooo and I tell her how Bill Apter wants me to shoot the UPW show for him.. I contact Rick Bassman from UPW.. tell him my deal and all.. (a lil more professional than that..LOL) and a couple hours later.. he emails me back and says its not a problem at all. :) So yes.. I will be shooting ringside for UPW"s 5th Anniversary show featuring Kevin Nash & Scott Hall!!
So after work.. I go to call Shellie to let her know the news.. and then *it* happens.. I open my phone to call her and I see.. CALL FROM FRANKIE KAZARIAN on my phone.. normally.. I would be all giddy and excited about this.. and instead.. I'm more like.. what do you want? LOL we talked for a bit.. and I can admit.. it was alot different than usual with him.. then my double main man MTizzle calls me and makes the save. thanks Bro! I talked to Mike for a long time and I really realized some things about Frankie I was so blinded before about.. so we'll see now.. we got 2 weeks..

Anyways.. I learned tonight in addition to being a "doctor" I'm also a computer tech & camera installer assistant :)
There's something else going on.. but I cant think of it.. oh well..